Cash Ban

In a bid to tackle the illegal selling of scrap metal such as cooper and lead, the Scottish Government have introduced a cash ban across the metal recycling industry within Scotland.

Implemented under the Air Weapons Licensing (Scotland) Act 2015, this cash ban came into effect on 1st September 2016 and means that Frank Kelbie Scrap Metal Merchants will no longer be allowed to pay cash for scrap.

If you are looking to sell scrap metal, we will only be able to pay by cheque, or by electronic transfer of funds.

Payment methods*

  • Next day transfer into bank account
  • Faster pay transfer into a bank account
  • Cheque payment. Additionally, as agents of Cheque Exchange Limited, we can provide a cheque cashing services while you are on site

*The faster pay bank transfer is subject to a fee of £2.50 per transaction. There is also charge for cashing cheques

Open a customer account today

To take advantage of these payment options, our customers must hold a customer account. Customer accounts can be set up at any Frank Kelbie Ltd. depot by giving some basic details to the payment office.

In addition to implementing the cash ban, the Scottish Government has also made it a requirement for us to verify the identity of anyone wishing to sell scrap metal. Which means that in order for you to set up your account at Frank Kelbie Scrap Metal Merchants, we will need to check and take copies of your ID.

Please bring the following with you on your first visit:

  • Photo ID (driving licence or passport)
  • Proof of address no more than three months old ( such as a utility bill or council tax bill).

View more information about the metal recycling cash ban